Most of your quotes were inspiring and showed a profound interest in demonstrating your zest for the mathematical world.
Sarah Corriveau, Mathematical Explorations student, from a Spring 1997 journal.

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This page contains quotations that I have utilized in my mathematics classes at Westfield State University. My students have reacted quite favorably to the "quote of the day", and I have found it often helps me organize my thoughts about a central theme. It is often hard to find a quote that addresses an issue I would like to speak to, and often I find it even harder to put my hands on a quote I know I would like to use. It is my hope that this collection helpful in these endeavors as well as many others that I consider in my paper "Quotations for Every Mathematics Class".

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Thanks go out to the many people who have shared their favorite quotes with me and to those who have helped with the construction of these pages, including: Julie Fleron, Bruce Lysik, Mark Kayan, James Robertson, and Robert McGuigan.

If you find this page useful, have suggestions, or have quotes you would like to add, please drop me a note at the address below. In the mean time, I hope you find this collection as profitable in your teaching and learning as I have.

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